Building Confidence Over Zoom

Laptop doing a Zoom call
Photo of a Zoom Call by lucas law on Unsplash

So, What Did I Learn?

The thing is, we’re all human… my mentees weren’t expecting me to have all the answers and to know Zoom inside-out. They just wanted someone who could help, provide support and to do their best. It was okay to feel unsure initially.. My mentees and I cultivated an amazing working relationship which created a safe, non-judgemental space to build confidence through practice. Developing my own style on Zoom and playing with its features increased my digital proficiency and confidence in using the software. Eventually I ended up delivering presentations for them and teaching them how to write assignments effectively.


I’m thankful that I adapted the way I did, I provided a space for us all to work on our skills and have had amazing feedback from my mentees. I feel confident in jumping on Zoom to have calls with anyone. Playing around with the software allowed me to get used to how it worked, and to find aspects that I could use in future sessions. However, if I could do it all again, I would have explored Zoom before my first meeting to gain more confidence.

My Advice

If you take one thing from this piece, let it be that if we were confident in everything, there would be no room to grow. If you’re feeling unsure about your digital proficiency, take some time to play with software, get to know the things that you’ll be using consistently, and make yourself familiar with other, less used aspects. The best way to build confidence is to keep working on it; I’m a big believer of faking it until you make it. How would anyone know?



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